Powershell Resources

PowerShell Community Extensions
The PowerShell Community Extensions can be found on CodePlex. These extensions add a lot of functionality to PowerShell, just take a look at the features (1.1). To install, just grab the msi from CodePlex and run it.

From version 1.1, the installation works fine on Windows Vista. Uninstall previous versions if you are upgrading.

If you install with the default settings, a profile.ps1 file will be created in your Documents folder. That file contains variables, alias definitions and more. In addition, that file actually loads the Community Extensions with the command Add-PSSnapin Pscx.

Because the profile.ps1 file is a script that gets loaded each time you start PowerShell, you need to make sure that your system can actually run scripts. By default, PowerShell is installed with script restrictions. To allow script to run, type the following command: “set-executionpolicy -executionpolicy remotesigned“.

If you are on Vista you cannot set the execution policy unless you have administrator credentials. To set the execution policy, you need to run PowerShell as an administrator. Right click the PowerShell icon in the start menu and select Run As Administrator… More info here.

Check out the PowerGadgets website to find out what they are. Basically, they allow you to pipe PowerShell output to create charts and other goodies. Trying to explain it is useless so check out their demos, for example this one.

PowerShell Analyzer
PowerShell Analyzer is a richer, more interactive environment for PowerShell. It can be downloaded from the PowerShell Analyzer website. Go to this page for a video and screenshots.

PowerShell Extension for Windows Installer
A PowerShell extension that provides cmdlets that work with Windows Installer. Download from CodePlex.

PowerShell Remoting
n/software have a product that provides SSH-based access to remote machines that have PowerShell installed. The same can be done with WinSSHD from Bitvise.

A product from n/software that provides extra cmdlets for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SSH and much more.

Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell for AD
A great set of cmdlets to manage Active Directory with or without the Quest ActiveRoles product. Download from here. Administrator guide here.

A GUI for PowerShell. More information and download from their website.



Active Directory

User Interface

Files, Folders




Windows Mobile


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